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Last updated: 27th Apr 2017, 08:12

Team Results 2017

Wednesday 19th April; Doris Willes Little knockout trophy; matches first round , Thurlestone ladies Liz Sharman and Barbara Smith beat Fingle Glen 4/3 at Churston. Well done.

Sunday 19th February; Daily Mail Foursomes at Yelverton. Victoria Gibbens and Sue Esplin lost to the Yelverton team. They put up a good fight but having to give their opponents 10 shots proved too much.

Sheelah Creasy team

Friday 21st April; The Sheelah Creasy team were in action for their first match of the year against Honiton at home, captained by Diane Baker they won 4-3 matches. The winning ladies were Diane Baker 8/6, Judith Lungmuss 5/4, Sue Curry 4/2 , Liz Savery with a win of 5/3.

Friendly matches.

Monday 24th April, the ladies played a friendly Greensomes against Staddon Heights. They won by 4-3 matches. The winning pairings were Ann Best and Margaret Tucker  5/4, Anne Seymour and Sheila George 5/4, Trish Cooper and Gwen Hale 2/1, and Diane Baker and Jane Stanley  4/3. A most enjoyable afternoon , followed by an excellent meal.


Team Results 2016 

Thursday 1st September, the ladies played a friendly against Staddon Heights away and they halved the match two and a half matches each. Everyone enjoyed their matches and the results were ;
Diane Baker and Gill Hicks lost 2-1
Emily Clarke and Bernice Sweetman won. 6-4
Trish Cooper and Judith Lungmass won 2-1
Judy Tyler and Margaret Tucker lost 3 down
Anne Seymour and Jenny Mckeague. Halved


Sheelah Creasy team are through to the quarter finals at Staddon heights on the 12th August, they will play Bovey Tracey. In the other quarterfinals East Devon v Fingle Glen, Churston v Ilfracombe, and Portmore v Okehampton

Mail on Sunday team results;

Saturday 4th June the Mail on Sunday team travelled to Bude in Cornwall for the fifth round but unfortunately lost by 4-1 matches. The team were led by Heather Spencer and included Laura Tregelles,Barbara Smith, Liz Sharman and Jane Mahood . The team have had a great run of matches and they were the last team from Devon left in this National competition, we congratulate them on playing so well.

On Saturday the 30th April Thurlestone's Mail on Sunday Team played Fingle Glen in the 4th round at home.The team were Heather Spencer (Captain), Barbara Smith, Janet Richardson, Elizabeth Sharman and Laura Tregelles, Reserve Gill Hicks.This amazing team were all square and Laura Tregelles had to go down the 19th hole, where she sank a putt for a par to give them a 3/2 win. This putt was watched with bated breath by all In the clubhouse and the cheer that went up was great to hear. These Ladies have forged a strong team and we all wish them well in the next round. They are now in the 5th round of this National Competition with Date and Venue to be decided.Well done to them.

Friday 1st April the Thurlestone ladies Mail on Sunday team played Dainton Park at home in the third round of the knockout competition, having beaten Bigbury in the second round. A wonderful result, by a great squad of players. In testing windy conditions The team won 3-2, well done !

Presidents team results;

Friday 15th July, the Presidents team played Torquay away and lost by 4.5-2.5 matches. The winning ladies were Janet Richardson, and Liz Sharman, with Jan Brooking gaining the half.

Friday 1st July, Presidents team played Staddon away and lost by 4.5-2.5 matches. Winning ladies were Jan Brooking,and Lesley Saffin and Jane Mahood got the half

Monday 20th June, the ladies Presidents team beat Torquay at home by 5.5 matches to 1.5 . The matches were very exciting as three went to the 18th hole. The results were; Heather Spencer 2/1, Shona Wilson 4/3, Jane Mason 5/4, Jan Brooking halved, Wendy Stewart 4/3, Jane Mahood1up, and Linda Cant narrowly lost on the 18th. Well done to them all.

Monday 6th June, the Presidents team played Churston away and lost 6-1 to a strong side. However Liz Sharman won 5/4 and two other matches went to the 18th.

Friday 20th May, the Presidents team Led by Wendy Stewart played Yelverton at home and won
5.5 - 1.5 matches. The winners were Victoria Gibbens;halved, Jane Mason won 4/3, Barbara Smith won 2/1, Wendy Stewart won 3/1, Janet Richardson won 1up, and Liz Sharman won 7/6. Well done to the team.

Friday 13th May, the Presidents team led by captain Victoria Gibbens played Churston at home and won 6 - 1matches . Heather Spencer won 3/2, Jane Mason won 1up, Janet Richardson won 1up, Barbara Smith 4/2, Jane Mahood 2up, Liz Sharman 7/6. Well done to the team.

Friday 6th May, the Presidents team were in action against Staddon Heights At home and the result was a draw with three and a half matches each. The winning ladies were Victoria Gibbens, Barbara Smith and Wendy Stewart , with Janet Richardson securing the half. 

Sheelah Creasy team results;

Sheelah Creasy team are through to the quarter finals at Staddon heights on the 12th August, they will play Bovey Tracey. Well done to the team and captain Wendy Laud. In the other quarterfinals East Devon v Fingle Glen, Churston v Ilfracombe, and Portmore v Okehampton

Monday 11th July, the Sheelah Creasy team played Churston at home and won 5/2. Winners were Lesley Saffin, Jo Crispin, Hayley Pepperrell, Sue Curry and Gwen Hale. The team have had their most successful season for some years winning 4 matches out of 6.
We now wait to see if we go through to the Devon quarter finals. If Churston win their last match which they are playing at home later this week they will have also won 4 out of 6.

Thursday 30th June, ladies Sheelah Creasy team played Churston away and lost 6-1 matches. The scores were very close , Inger Reeve won 3/2 , and Yvonne Pike and Lesley Saffin both lost on the 18th. 

Monday 23rd May ; The Sheelah Creasy team won at home against Tavistock 5 ½ to 1 ½ . The Winners were Nicole Carter, Bernice Sweetman, Jo Crispin, Hayley Pepperrell, Yvonne Pike and Paula Orr halved.

Monday 16th May ;Sheelah Creasy team did well today away at Tavistock winning 4 matches to 3. The Winners were Jo Crispin, Liz Coates, Paula Orr, and Margaret Tucker and Yvonne Pike halved their matches. Well done the team. 

Monday 9th May;I’m afraid our Sheelah Creasy girls lost 6-1 at Yelverton. The Score not as one sided as it looks as three matches were lost on 18th, but Jo Crispin won 2/1. The Weather was dreadful, very wet which was a great shame. 

Friday 15th April; the ladies played their first Sheelah Creasy match at home against Yelverton and had an excellent win 5-2. The winners were Nicole Carter, Lesley Saffin, Margaret Tucker, Paula Orr and Diane Baker. The Matches were all played in a good spirit on a day that started damp but ended in glorious sunshine. The meal after the match was enjoyed by all.


Still Cup team results;

Saturday 2nd April, the first Still Cup team match at home against East Devon . We lost 0.5-4.5. However Thurlestone can hold their heads high, as despite the score, all of them raised their games against an incredibly strong team. The team were Laura Tregelles, Heather Spencer, Gill Hicks, Lindsey Fletcher, and Barbara Smith

Devon League results;

Monday 25th July; the League lost to RND by 5-1 matches, Liz Sharman won her match for Thurlestone.

Monday 18th July, The League team played Fingle Glen away and lost 6-0. It was a valiant effort from the Thurlestone ladies as it was tremendously tough with the heat of the midday sun proving as much of a challenge as the hilly terrain. The team were Lesley Saffin, Gwen Hale, Bernice Sweetman, Trish Cooper, Liz Sharman, and Jan Brooking

Friday 27th June; the Devon League team played Saunton at home and lost by 4-2 matches. The winning ladies were Liz Sharman 6/4, and Gwen Hale 2up on 18th. Liz Savery as reserve also won2up.All matches were very close and played in good spirits, with an excellent meal afterwards.

Friday 17th June , the ladies Devon League team travelled up to Saunton for their match and had a tremendous win. Overall they won 3 and lost 3 matches, but because of the away points rule Thurlestone they won 9 points to 6. Four of them played a practice round the previous day , which proved invaluable. A tough course indeed but they were blessed with fine weather and kept their heads. Team captain Sue Curry won 3&1, Inger Reeve won 5&4, and Paula Orr Won 2&1. Well done! 

Friday 3rd June, the ladies Devon league team beat RND by 6-1 matches at home. The team were led by Sue Curry and included Pam St Leger, Bernice Sweetman, Hayley Pepperell, , Anne Seymour, Inger Reeve and Diane Baker. Well done to the team

Friday 8th April, ladies Devon League team v Fingle Glen, at home ,after a close match Thurlestone lost by 4-2 matches. The ladies that won their matches were Trish Cooper and Paula Orr.

Thursday 7th April; Doris Willes Little Devon ladies knockout competition. We are Delighted that Jenny Roberts and Linda Cant beat Honiton ladies today at Stover in the first round. They had a Lovely match played in great spirit and the score was 2 up so it was very tight.


Friendly matches results; 

Monday 7th March; Friendly match v Dartmouth (Away) lost 3 - 1

Friday 18th March, friendly v Churston home . It was very cold and windy.
We lost 4.5 to 1.5, the winning ladies were:Janet Richardson & Jenny Mackeague won! and Anne Seymour & Gill Durden halved

Monday 21st March, friendly v Exeter away, lost 5-1,the winning pair were Gwen Hale and Trish Bowman.