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Club History 

Thurlestone is located within South Hams area. It takes its name from the pierced ("thirled") stone, just off the shore, which is mentioned as a boundary point in a Saxon charter of 845.

The inaugural meeting of the Club took place on 13th March 1897 at the Kings Arms, Kingsbridge. By that time, the original nine-hole course had already been constructed two years earlier along with a small clubhouse, tennis courts and practice area.

The land was donated by Hubert Brunskill who was a keen sportsman and inherited the family estate after graduating from Cambridge. The local population were keen to establish the Club as the nearest courses were at Churston or Wrangaton which involved a lengthy journey. Hubert became the Club's first Captain which was probably a shrewd move by the membership as he owned the land! However it is Hubert Brunskill more than any other single person that we have to thank for the existence of Thurlestone Golf Club and the location of the course on one of the most scenic coastlines in the Country. As one contemporary journalist wrote "God practised by making heaven before he made Thurlestone".

Facilities in the early years were limited, the main problem being the lack of a water supply. So, it was possibly carried to the Clubhouse from the village pump half a mile away. Fortunately for the golfers, the Grose family were able to provide much of the catering and some accommodation from the Village Inn. In 1900 and still without water, the Committee installed a hand-basin connected to two barrels fixed to the back of the Clubhouse.

These were unsatisfactory and so the Secretary was ordered to go out and find or dig for water in the vicinity (it is unknown how successful he was). The situation eased in 1903 when pipes were installed and this resulted in the Committee voting to install a table, three chairs and a water jug for the Ladies room. The Professional's wife, always respectfully addressed as Mrs Coombes provided admirable Devonshire teas on trestle tables in front of the Clubhouse, a tradition that was continued by her daughter Nellie and to this day we claim to be "The Cream of Devon Tees".

A book detailing the full history of the Club can be purchased from the General Manager's Office.