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Palairet Champions - Thurlestone GC

Posted by Steve Gledhill, On 18th Aug 2015, In General




Sunday 16th August sees the team arrive at 8 am at Tiverton GC for Finals Day. On a day perfect for golf and the course in excellent condition, Thurlestone draw Stover in the 2nd semi-final. Stover pack their team with low handicappers and for the first time in the competition all our pairs receive either 1or 2 shots.

Steve Pike and Darrell Day are out first against a Stover pair unbeaten in all competitions. The by now, obligatory loss of the first hole is followed by another on the 2nd, but they are out first for a reason and that is because they are a formidable foursomes pair where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and they set the tone for the day by winning 2up.

Our 2nd pair are Kevin Mingo and George Holland, Kevin signals his intent by ripping a massive drive down the centre of the first fairway. They go ahead early, are pegged back, before an excellent run of holes sees them run out big winners 4&2, a particular highlight George's lob wedge at 10 when short sided right of the green.

Third pair out Rob Came and Peter Eva ,youth and experience blending well together with Rob's 3 wood much used off the tee meaning as Pete would put it he didn't have to play every 2nd shot with a bramble stuck up his $#%e !  Sure touch from both players around the greens ensures a comfortable 3&2win.

First 3 matches out 3 wins and opponents who were possibly pre-tournament favourites despatched with something in hand.

Keith Crawford and Craig Blount were ahead in their match when the news we had won was passed back down the course but played out their match in the end for a half.

At the back of the field Dave Eva and Will Baker offered their opponents a half when all square but they were intent on finishing the match and Dave and Will suffered a rare defeat 2down in a dead rubber.

Result  Thurlestone 3 1/2.  Stover 1 1/2.


Thurlestone play Churston who were heavy winners in their semi final beating  Dawlish Warren 4-1.

Thurlestone are unchanged. The 1st match sees Steve and Darrell play even better and despatch their opponents on the 15th green following Darrell's flighted (yes!) chip over the bunker to about 5 feet (I can say I was there to see it !). First match won 2 more needed. 

Kevin and George 2nd out in a hard fought match were up early then level then behind then level again before being on the wrong end of an outrageous chip in by the opposition from an impossible position on 16. A hard fought match lost on 17 , 2&1.

Rob and Pete 3rd out faced Churston 's best pair who had won 7&6 in their semi final, a very competitive match saw the opposition triumph on 17, 3&1. The match score now stands 2-1 in favour of Churston.

However in the 2 matches left on the course we are well ahead, Keith and Craig have played very well and are dormie 4 going up 15. Dave and Will are 3 up in the last match, we can't lose it from here can we? 

On 15 Craig's lips out now dormie 3, every hole clawed back encourages the opposition and increases the pressure on us . On 16 the Churston approach finds the difficult two tier green whilst Keith's approach just leaks right and trickles into the front right bunker Craig has a long bunker shot with both feet out of the bunker and the ball well below. To execute shots under pressure is why we love competitive golf, Craig's lengthy bunker shot across a two tier green to 3 feet is one Phil Mickelson would be pleased with. This leaves Keith with a 3 foot putt for the match which holding his nerve he makes. 3&2win  Match score now 2-2.

Dave and Will are dormie 3 coming down 16 we are now very, very close. The good thing about having two Eva brothers in the team is that should one  happen to lose you know the other one won't . Churston however are not giving up ,their approach finds the green some 16 feet away from the pin. Dave's approach runs off the back of the green into an awkward lie. An excellent chip by Will leaves a 4 foot slider to win the trophy and make club history and it was always going to be Dave Eva standing over it. He doesn't miss from there and Thurlestone are Palairet Champions for the first time in the clubs history .

Stover, Churston, and the Warren may feel that overall they may have had better players than us ,but they didn't have the best team, Thurlestone did, and that's why we won it.

Enjoy it lads, you really earned it.

Mark Drew - Proud Palairet captain.


Thurlestone In Palairet Finals

Posted by Steve Gledhill, On 4th Aug 2015, In General


Thurlestone make the Finals

After a postponement due to inclement weather, on Sunday Thurlestone took on East Devon at Teignmouth Golf Club.  We were rewarded with a beautiful summers day to play the Alistair McKenzie designed heathland course.

Credit to Teignmouth for hosting the tie at short notice, but it has to be said that the greens were somewhat indifferent for the time of year, which made them difficult to read and bumpy to putt on.

The first pair out were Steve Pike and Daryl Day, and they are so supremely confident that they regularly donate the first hole to the opposition in order to give themselves something of a challenge.  Although behind early they soon established a clear lead and despite the opposition rallying on the back nine, ran out 2 & 1 winners.

With the squad depleted by injury and absence, this led to the Captain picking himself along with Kevin Mingo.  Despite some excellent ball striking from Kevin, and some decent driving from the Captain, a couple of short putts missed on the greens made the difference between winning and losing, and conceded the match on the 17th green.

Out third Keith Crawford and Craig Blount visited some scenic and less well trodden areas of the course, but played very well to run out comfortable winners 4 & 3.

Rob Came and Mark Chapman went out last and had to give most shots playing against a pair which included a 14 handicapper, who should certainly play in a huge sombrero to better identify him as a bandit, and they went down 3 & 2.

The script is, by now, well rehearsed.  It is always close when we win and, who would you want on the course for the last match in these circumstances, the answer is (all shout out together) Dave Eva and Will Baker!  All square after 14 they go one up on 15, and Will Baker holds a clutch down hill left to right, 6ft putt on 16 to get the half.  Dave and Will squeeze out a half on 17 and won the 18th to finish 2 up and Thurlestone are through to the finals for the first time in eleven years.

The Final will take place at Tiverton Golf Club on the 16th August 2015 and support is welcomed.

Mark Drew

Captain Palairet Team

Mixed Open Results 2015

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Results of the Mixed Open 2015

Mixed Open Results 2015.pdf

Winners of the Mixed Open 2015

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Rebecca & Tony Whitehouse - The winners of the Mixed Open 27th June 2015

4BBB Open Results

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Results of the 4BBB Open 30th May 2015 

4BBB Open Competition Entry 30th May 2015.pdf